Water Damage in a Living Room

Water damage in a living room

There is nothing that can erode the value of your property and create a hazardous environment like water damage. Your property is not the only thing under threat. Cherished item, belongings, and family heirlooms are all at risk from being permanently damaged by water.

Just to give you an idea in the number about the damage water causes, here are some facts:

  • Between 2016 and 2017 more than 205,000 claims were filed for damage at businesses across the nation.
  • An average estimate of water damage from a sink might cost $7K for instance.
  • Water damages caused by toilets overflow might set you back anywhere between $2K and $10K.
  • One of the most common causes for water damage is leaking roofs in areas where there are strong winds, hail, and subzero temperatures.

But the good thing is that prevention is better than cure and if you know the sources for common causes of water damage then it becomes easy to spot on a disaster before it strikes. Here are some of the top causes for water damage.


As mentioned above, roofs are one of the most common sources of water damage. Since anyone hardly visits the attic, a potential problem which would have cost just a few bucks to fix turns into a thousand dollar problem for most homeowners. It is therefore imperative that you keep checking your roof regularly.

Keep in mind that an inch of water weighs around 5 pounds and overtime this cause an incredible strain on the roofs leading to leakages. Check your roof membranes, drains, and pipes regularly, especially during winter season when ice dams might form.

Appliances and Equipment

If your premises have equipment that utilizes water, leakages are a constant threat to your property. Air conditioners, washing machines, dish washers, and water heaters are all potential suspects that can cause trouble. The best thing to do is perform regular checks and maintain the equipment. If you notice anything out of the ordinary like rust, cracks or even signs of moisture, take immediate action. Replacing water supply lines regularly is also highly advisable.

Pipes and Drain

This had to be on the top of common causes of water damages; no surprises about that. Your plumbing system is vulnerable to stoppages, clogs, leakages, and damages. Even if a tiny fissure forms on a pipe carrying water, even if it is as small as an eighth of an inch, it could pump 250 gallons water per day on your property. And this happens mostly in basements which most people don’t visit frequently.

Seek out sings for moisture, rusting, bulging, cracking, and blue stains. If you have a cut pipe or getting any plumbing work done, check for scale buildup. If you want to go a step further, you can get a plumbing camera to get a thorough look on what’s going on inside your piping system. Leak detection systems can be deployed as well and are relatively inexpensive (the passive ones that sound an alarm after a leak has occurred).

Sprinkler Systems

Many commercial and residential buildings have sprinkler systems installed which are great for controlling fire damage but not great when they cause water damage due to a malfunction. It is imperative to check your sprinkler systems regularly to check for damage, rust, and proper functioning.

Mother Nature

Natural disasters like hurricanes, flash flooding, and heavy rainfall can inflict massive damage to both properties and life. You can’t control Mother Nature but you can certainly be prepared for outward scenarios. Keeping you gutter clear, storing important documents at higher levels and installing barriers are all precautions you can take to minimize damage from nature’s fury. Furthermore, if you live in an area which is prone to flooding, it would be optimal to get insurance for flooding.

Ultimately, there no way to eliminate all risk posed by water damage to your property. But taking preventive measures and regular maintenance helps minimize the risk and damage.

If you have suffered water damage in Boise, Idaho then you should call in the professionals at Resto Clean. Not only do we have the latest technology in water extracting and drying, we also prevent future disasters by eliminating possibilities of any mold growth and moisture in the affected area.  

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