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People meeting to discuss terms and conditions

People meeting to discuss terms and conditions

Natural disasters, faulty wiring leading to fires, flooded basement, and mold are a concern for all households and businesses alike. These types of damages are not only a cause for financial concern but are also extremely hazardous to the health of occupants living in the affected area.

Cleaning up after such incidents is not possible with household equipment and detergents. You will need to call a professional restoration company. But choosing the right one is important as not all cleanup companies offer the same services. Here is a list of 10 things you should consider when hiring a disaster cleanup company.

1) Start Your Search Locally

Out-of-town cleanup contractors go door to door offering their services, especially in the aftermath of a natural disaster. Some of these contractors may be reliable, qualified companies but there is always a risk associated with hiring on-the-move contractors. On the other hand, regional cleanup companies have established reputation, connections, and know-how on dealing with disasters specific to your area.

2) Seek Out Referrals

Cleanup companies that have repeat customers and many clients should be the most optimal choice as their reputation is already established. In case you have not heard about any disaster cleanup company in your area, you should ask around. Family, friends, associates, and business partners are usually the first people you should approach to check if they ever had to hire a cleanup company before. Local newspapers and the internet are also a great source to check for unbiased reviews related to the company.

3) Schedule an Appointment

You shouldn’t go for the first cleaning company you find attractive. It is highly advisable to create a list of your preferred companies and schedule appointments with each of them. By conducting these interviews, you can get a better sense of what each company brings to the table and whether you should hire their services.

4) Conducting the Interview

It is very important to probe and ask questions during your interview with the cleanup service company. Do not hesitate to ask questions related to the services of the company. During the interview, relate your problem and find out what the company has to offer in terms of prices and how quickly they can start (if the situation is urgent). Most disaster cleanup companies offer various packages for the same service so it is better to have all your options on the table before making a final decision.

5) Packages

It is important to keep in mind that every disaster cleanup company has different offers for a different type of services that they offer. Price varies from company to company, as it is hard to distinguish whether a particular restoration service is more expensive than the other as it depends on the type of services they offer. Choosing a package that is within your budget is the most important if saving money is a priority.

6) Set up a Payment Schedule

In most cases, your insurance company is likely to pick up the tab after a disaster. But in case you are insured against a particular event, then you can discuss setting up a payment schedule with your desired company. While the initial payment may vary, a 10% deposit is standard for most cases. Larger deposits upfront (such as half the price) should raise red flags regarding the work standards or finances of the company.

7) Professionalism

The professionalism of the company will give you a good idea of their work ethos and quality of services. The easiest way to judge the professional standard of a disaster cleanup company is by observing their representatives. For example, a uniform donned by the employees shows that the company is working for the long run. The company should also have a professional website.

8) Equipment

Professional equipment indicates a good service provider. Furthermore, checking the condition of that equipment will give you a better idea of how professional the company is in reality.

9) Customer Service

Customer service is a good indicator of how serious a company really is. Contact the company via phone or email; getting a fast response to your queries indicates good customer service.

10) Insurance

Finally, it would be optimal to hire a company that has a proper license and offers insurance against the activities they are performing. There might be scenarios where the cleanup crew might damage your belongings and you would want to have sufficient coverage for this possibility.

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