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A homeowner trying to clean a sewage spill

 A homeowner trying to clean a sewage spill
As dangerous as a sewage backup can be, it becomes even more hazardous if the toxic sewage is left to stay for even 24 hours. It becomes a breeding ground for insects and mold that inflict structural damages while adversely affecting the air quality for the occupants of the property.

It is not uncommon for mold to develop due to a sewage overflow. This holds true especially in areas where inclement weather causes clogs in the wastewater system setup in cities and towns. Fortunately, there are regional cleanup crews and restoration companies with certified employees to deal with sewage backup.

Sewage contains toxins that adversely affect the health of people, especially pregnant women and the elderly. If you want to try tackling the problem yourself, it is highly advisable to use personal protective equipment while tackling sewage spills and issues.

Water and waste matter should be removed using shovels and water vacuums, after which they should either be disposed of or decontaminated. Belongings and furniture that have been exposed to the wastewater should be discarded. These cannot be cleaned or made fit for use. Carpet and carpet padding are examples of things that should be discarded while draperies should be given to professional cleaners. Clothes can be bleached or given to professional cleaners as well.

After removing the wastewater and organic waste, the affected area should be thoroughly cleaned with detergents. Using a two-bucket approach is the best; one bucket contains the cleaning solution and the other contains normal water to rinse the mop or sponge being used. Using two buckets helps keep the contaminated rinse water out of the cleaning solution but be sure to keep replacing the rinse water frequently.

After thoroughly cleaning the affected area it is now time to disinfect to destroy any remaining bacteria. Using a biocide, such as easily found chlorine bleach, works as well.

If the sewage water has penetrated beyond the floor, the flooring cover needs to be removed even if it is made of a non-absorbent material. The area under the flooring needs to be washed, cleaned, disinfected, and dried prior to the installment of a new flooring cover.

Of course, doing all these procedures is not everyone’s cup of tea and the time and effort needed don’t justify the amount of money that you can save by not hiring a professional cleanup service. Furthermore, you can follow all the instruction down to the last letter but the hazards associated with sewage mishaps prove very tricky for homeowners to fully overcome. It is best to let the professionals deal with any sewage spills due to overflowing toilets, broken sewage mains, and flooding.

When you are dealing with sewage, problems caused by moisture, bacteria, and mold become more probable. To ensure a complete sewage cleanup job, you need to leave it to the pros at Resto Clean. Our experts are fully trained and certified in clearing up sewage and adapting the necessary safety procedures to protect both ourselves and your property against any type of sewage disasters.

The behind Resto Clean is fully capable of restoring sewage backup water damage from your house and preventing any further damage resulting from rot or mold growth.

Resto Clean experts are available 24 hours, 7 days a week, and 365 days of the year to provide you with assistance in dealing with black water emergencies at urgent notice. Our sewage cleanup experts use the latest technology in water extracting and drying to get your property cleaned, disinfected, and deodorized while preventing moisture and mold growth at the same time.

Resto Clean not only offers competitive prices but also works with all types of insurance companies to lessen the strain on your wallet.

Efficient, effective, and affordable, Resto Clean is committed to bringing you the best services for the price that suits you best.

If you have a sewage spill in Boise, Idaho, call Resto Clean and leave the dirty work in the capable hands of our experts who’ll fix your sewage problem in no time.

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