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A fire on your property, no matter how small or big, is always a difficult ordeal to face and can leave you in a state of trauma. While we all wish fire damage didn’t happen to any of us, the sad reality is no one can predict the future and it is best to be always prepared.

Fire damage can cause immense stress and often times in stressful situations, a person can blank out. You do not want to wait for disaster to come knocking for you to know what to do when the time arrives. The article below lists some steps that can be useful in dealing with the aftermath of a fire.

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Mold is something that can grow and damage any part of your property if allowed the chance to thrive and grow. Not only is mold damage a financial burden on your wallet, it has adverse effects for people living on mold infected property. Mold damage can be devastating for any homeowner. However, you can be at ease if you are aware of its causes and some simple prevention methods.

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At Resto Clean we want to help our customers with preventative maintenance of their home or business in order to mitigate future disaster clean up problems due to cold weather. We have created a pre-freeze  winter checklist that will help you get out in front of potential problems. Below is some helpful "best practices" that can certainly help. 

Pre-Freeze Checklist

   Shut off irrigation lines (below ground)

Blow them out

   Clean Gutters

   Remove fallen leaves and branches. (prevents mice and mildew)

   Disconnect garden hoses

   Close your crawlspace vents

   Open HVAC vents in rooms with water lines

   Keep garage doors closed

   Shut your windows

   Keep your heat on

Below 10 degrees

   Open cabinet doors with pipes

   Let water drip on faucets

   Flush toilets daily

   Keep heat on in the home with a minimum temperature of 68 degrees

   Foam caps over hose spigots

   Put insulation in irrigation on/off valve pipe lid

HVAC (central air)

   Replace furnace filters

   Condensation Pump (add water and make sure it is working properly)

   Vacuum return register(s)

   (optional) remove breaker on A/C condenser and cover 

If we have another “Snowmageddon”

   Heat tape on your roofing valleys and eaves

   Check R value of insulation in attic (ice damming)

   Keep lots of ice melt on hand (buy approved ice melt to prevent erosion of driveways)

   Buy a snow shovel

   Clear snow away from edge of home (special attention by window wells and crawl space vents)

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